ZARP Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency pegged to the price of the South African Rand.

The introduction of Bitcoin and subsequent blockchain technologies has established a new digital asset class in which scarcity is based on cryptographic certainty. These trust protocols for the internet enable online-native value transfer for the first time. Stablecoins make use of blockchain protocols to represent the value of fiat currencies like the US Dollar or South African Rand in distributed networks.

One ZARP token represents the value of one Rand. This value is supported by a treasury reserve of actual rand currency equivalents that is managed by Old Mutual Wealth, a leading asset management firm.

ZARP seeks to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralised finance, offering the best of both worlds: the security and stability of a fiat currency with the efficiency and innovation of blockchain technology that offers 24/7 transacting and trading outside of banking hours, at low fees, and programmable.

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