ZARP Stablecoin does not conduct above the line marketing campaigns as we do not provide services directly to retail customers. Our Partners require a direct sales strategy which requires business development functions to identity, approach, and foster relationships with potential Partners. We pride ourselves on a reputation for professionalism and expertise, allowing our business to grow through word of mouth as our satisfied clients engage with their industry peers.

Our service offerings are adapted and developed in collaboration with our Partners, tailoring services to direct needs and providing Partners with a bespoke set of solutions as required.

While issued and redeemed directly with Partners, ZARP is available in a number of secondary markets and venues;

  • Centralised exchanges Centralised exchanges (or CEXes) offer open order books where crypto assets can be traded and acquired. ZARP is listed on a growing number of crypto asset exchanges including AFRIDAX, ChainEX, and OVEX.

  • Decentralised exchanges Decentralised exchanges (or DEXes) facilitate swapping of crypto assets through automatic market making algorithms and liquidity pools that anyone can participate in. ZARP is available on FluxBeam, Uniswap, and a growing number of DEX protocols.

  • DeFi protocols Aside from DEXes, ZARP tokens are compatible with the large and growing number of decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols available on supported blockchains that enable lending and borrowing, consolidated investing, liquidity management and provisioning, and a range of other financial services.

  • Traditional Financial Institutions Traditional Finance (TradFi) institutions are increasingly appreciating the advantages of utilising crypto assets like ZARP in their own operations and will become significant destinations for ZARP distribution in time.

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